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Sara and Sarah met on stage performing with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra early in their careers. As time passed and they began to play together more and more they realized that it was not only their names that were an uncannily good match. The Sara(h)s have an extraordinary ability to play the flute together in a way that only two Sara(h)s could. Their sounds blend beautifully and although their musical styles are distinct, they compliment one another to a tee. Perhaps far more meaningful than the flute playing is the friendship that developed between these two women as they worked so closely together. Sara and Sarah have been through thick and thin, experiencing so much of life’s ups and downs together.  They have concluded that their shocking list of similarities must be more than just a mere coincidence.

With so much in common, the Sara(h)s realized they also share a profound vision of refreshing changes they would like to see in the classical music industry. Namely, they would like to see the well-being and worthiness of students and players separated from their ability to play, creating well-rounded musicians who relate to their music in a neutral way. This is the basis of Green Banana Flute Studios, a company the Sara(h)s co-founded in 2012. It is with this mandate that Green Banana Flute Studios pursues various projects and initiatives, ever striving to spread their valuable and inclusive message in an industry that prides itself on being exclusive. Green Banana would like to invite everyone inside the not so glamorous, not so perfect side of classical music and show you that that is where the magic of music truly takes place! The moments when you are ok with imperfection and free from the judgments of others are the places where true risk can turn into something extremely powerful.

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