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The Four Week Practice Formula for Flutists:

Streamlining practice for dramatic and permanent results 



Discover the FORMULA for structuring your practice in, "The Four Week Practice Formula for Flutists: Streamlining practice for dramatic and permanent results". This comprehensive online course provides you with four weekly lessons, each meticulously designed to show you how to get the maximum benefit out of your practice. 

We’ll show you how to structure your practice in order to: 

  • improve faster 

  • make permanent improvements to your core fundamentals 

  • understand the power of mental preparation

  • learn exactly how to approach repertoire

  • set you up for SUCCESS in both short and long term flute performance goals  

The key? We want you to practice SMARTER… not HARDER. 


Course Content:

Each week we will touch on 3 core concepts:

  1. The Practice Formula

    • The step-by-step approach for using our formula to format your practice, with a balanced approach to sound fundamentals, technical mastery, mental preparation and all types of repertoire

    • Practical advice on applying this approach for all levels and abilities to help you reach your own unique flute goals!

  2. Streamlining Your Flute Fundamentals

    • A deep dive into one of the fundamental aspects of sound and finger technique, outlining common problems and simple solutions

    • Customized exercises to demonstrate how to strengthen these aspects

    • Guidance on applying these solutions within the context of your current repertoire

  3. Implementing Mental Preparation

    • The impact of different aspects of mental preparation 

    • Unique exercises to help integrate mental practice into your overall routine

    • Insights on applying mental practice techniques to your current repertoire


Course structure:

By touching on all 3 concepts each week, we will methodically uncover the formula we have personally used to achieve our goals. 

The Sara(h)s will provide you with: 

  • engaging online lessons

  • practical exercises

  • application techniques for each concept.

You’ll have access to:

  • both video and written instruction

  • our unique textbook which outlines the exercises and application techniques

At the end of each week, join us for a live “check-in” where we will discuss any questions or challenges that arise as you work through the course.  Each week, you’ll build upon your knowledge, working towards a clear understanding of how you can achieve your goals.  


This course can either be a supplement to private lessons, or a stand alone resource.  Our goal is to save you time, and empower you with the tools you need to manage your own progress.  Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a dedicated student or an adult learner, we would love to share our PRACTICE FORMULA with you. 

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